We offer diagnostic services for a variety of Vascular conditions including some specialities not easily found.

Venous Duplex: For upper or lower extremity diagnosis of DVT, Bakers cysts, hematomas, venous insifficiencies, and for follow up care. For the convenience of physicians, in most cases, we can initiate anti coagulation medications.

Arterial Studies: Whether you are suspecting Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in position related pain or numbness of upper extremities, or Reynauds Syndrome for painful hands during cold weather, or peripheral arterial disease in the lower extremities with ankle brachial indices, Southwest Vascular can help diagnose and medically manage most of these conditions.

Abdominal Aorta: We perform Medicare screenings for abdominal aortic aneurysm for any person over age 65 who ever smoked, or if an aneurysm is suspected due to a pulsatile abdomen. All follow ups will be managed by us if preferred by the referring physician and we will refer to surgery as and when needed. Requires patient to be NPO one meal.

Mesenteric Arterial Study: A speciality ultrasound study for patients with failure to thrive, suspected malabsorbtion syndrome, frequent bloating or belching, etc. Requires patient to be NPO one meal.

Renal Flow Study: This speciality study is for hypertensive patients who's blood pressures are not responding to usual medications. Requires patient to be NPO one meal.

Portal Hypertension: We study the Portal system to determine flow directions, look for thrombus within portal veins, and help in diagnoses of Budd Chiari Syndrome. Requires patient to be NPO one meal.